Breathing again

Patience was the key and both little warriors were consciously preparing for the moment when time was right. But what happened meanwhile?

In the land of the Nether the sky was covered with grey veil, for almost two long years. It started when the little warriors were out for hunting one late summer day. The forest turned deep and dark, it became darker by the hour and so they could not take their usual way home.

It was a strange night. Since then the sun did not come up anymore. The sky was covered by cloudy sheets day and night. If you were lucky you could only see a shading of different dark lightings now and then. 

So the little warriors stopped wondering and moved on knowing within themselves one day it all will be changed to how it was before.

And then it came. One little drop on the stone – the very special stone that one of the little warriors found the other day. Another one followed. Rain started and as it was all that was needed; the clouds were washing off all the dust that seemed to stick in and on them. New plants were facing sunlight for the first time and it was as like a new world born. In fact, it was still the land of the Nether, but filled with colours, new fresh air that awakened out of winter´s sleep. Air so pure and rich, the nature was finally breathing again.

The warriors were looking at each other and the game was changed from that moment on. Difficult times seemed to be forgotten. Now the adventure was back at its beginning.



The precious

One week has passed. The little warriors were still singing their song, each on its own. They needed their time after chasing and hunting on their wheels seven days ago. It has been too exhausting, too tiring. They were not used to do it anymore the way they used to. Now they were facing other targets, other goals. Independently. 

They would not be warriors if they did not have new things on their minds, new ideas, new ways to go. Searching for sources of inspiration keep them alive and moving. So one little warrior went out for exploring. He needed the time to focus on the new path they both were talking about long time ago. It was a path which has not been there before, a path of a vision, a path of unknown territory. But what exactly made this one little warrior so sure it was the right one?

Well, let´s start at the beginning. Over a time there has been empty land, called the Nether. Only a few souls were found. But nothing was so special than these two little warriors. They were sent on a mission. Both only could make it together. Especially because they were so different. And of course, they drove each other mad. Maybe even more when they first met than in other times. They just did not know why. One question remains: could they not just have followed their own path? It is more complicated to understand. And we are not made to understand all of the things that were and are out there in the land of Nether. Still, the story of the two little warriors is one of the very few which could and is to be told. 

Now that there was light, a small light on the horizon. If you were not aware you could not have seen it. But it was there. Night lay pitch-black over the country. The same little warrior that went for exploration found it. It was not clear, but belief made it happen. So he went through the darkness with all his strength. And there it was. One stone was reflecting what he dreamed about. It was not the light, something more beautiful caught his attention. It was the stone itself. Unexpected. Suddenly. The first thing that showed he was not wrong at all. A tiny melody silently started. One tone after another. Slowly. Carefully. Drops of misty water that fell on that stone. But wait, mist? Oh true, this little warrior spent so much time wondering about his gift that he totally forgot time. Too fascinating was the treasure he held in hands covered with pearls on it. The mist began to give the night a first ray of color. A color more beautiful than one could imagine. The little warrior knew that there was more. Instead of going home he watched the magnificent spectacle. There was still so much more to find. 

The other warrior left behind knew something was coming. Only if he knew what exactly. Well, impatience belongs to the ones which are kept in the unknown, the dark. It would actually be one of the main qualities of the one little warrior out there in no man´s land. But give ´em time. 


Surrounded by mist - raising the fist

The stronger the opponent, the bigger the spirit to fight. The harder the circumstances, the bigger the satisfaction when the goal is reached. The tougher the powers that want to enforce separation, the stronger the bonding becomes. The more severe the headache, the more joyful the look on life when it disappears.

Today the two little warriors found the time to venture out on their wheels again. They were both anticipating on the possibility the other one would call it off. But no! Once more it became clear they could count on each other. The weather was giving them a hard time – almost as if nature didn’t want them to reach their destination. They shared resources and helped each other not to wave the white flag. The achievement of the goal may not have meant so much to mankind this time, but it definitely meant much to the warriors themselves. Will they be rewarded…?

And the two little warriors were singing:

"In the lands of Nether, in the forests of sheep,
in the villages wherever
almost falling asleep,
Were two little warriors
trying to keep
the head high, the courage higher
a friendship so deep,
But the wind always stood strong. 

The taken kingdom, the destiny of all
The journeys of time
Will never come to fall
Silence brings healing
Whatever dues to be paid
Knowing the truth deep inside
Needs no words to be said."

And so the warriors came to fight back all the storm from the past, facing the storm which possibly would come. The path had already been written, so the streets were open in front of them. It was like someone did all the work to bring obviously luck. And so the two were prepared for their next adventure not knowing what challenges were about to com. Early in the morning before the sun would rise.

Tales of distant times and kingdoms

Many a day the brave warriors on wheels assembled for dangerous but exciting adventures. Only few fellow inhabitants of the doomy dungeons in the lands of Nether were aware that this was their calling. Often the journeys were long and the roads were winding! Then rest had to be sought along the way to gather new strengths. Tough powers of nature challenged their dedication to continue. Sometimes destinations seemed unreachable, but the will to not let each other down made them carry on. Sometimes there were long moments of silent understanding, while at other times they had vivid discussions about the future of the taken kingdom and their roles in it. Dreams of reigning this world as queen and king kept their pace strong. And so they tramped on and on and on towards eternity. 


At times it felt like peace had covered the lands of Nether and the soul mates would not need to ride their steel horses no more. But how mistaken could they be! New challenges kept appearing and the calling to reunite was too strong to separate the fearless heroes. Although destiny may be unknown, they kept bonding forces into unknown territories forever and ever…